Pilveraal poll shows: Android will rise and Windows Mobile has no chance

The poll on Pilveraal on mobile platforms closed and the results are clear:
85% of the voters think that Android will rise. Only 14% think Android will fall. 35% think that Windows Mobile will fall and none think it will rise. Regarding iOS the results are more uncertain with 35% voting for rise and 14% voting for fall.

Our predictions about the domination of platforms is more or less a self-fulfilling prophesy as we choose and promote platforms that we think will be dominant and abandon platforms that we think are without a future. Can we therefore predict that:
- Android's position on the smartphone market will be similar to Windows's position on the PC market
- iOS-s position will be similar to MacOS's and
- Windows Mobile will enjoy the same position on the smartphone market as Linux does on the PC market?


  1. hmm, tegelt on WP7 väga võimas platvorm ja kindlasti kasvab selle osakaal väga kõvasti.



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