Monday, August 15, 2011

Pilveraal poll shows: Android will rise and Windows Mobile has no chance

The poll on Pilveraal on mobile platforms closed and the results are clear:
85% of the voters think that Android will rise. Only 14% think Android will fall. 35% think that Windows Mobile will fall and none think it will rise. Regarding iOS the results are more uncertain with 35% voting for rise and 14% voting for fall.

Our predictions about the domination of platforms is more or less a self-fulfilling prophesy as we choose and promote platforms that we think will be dominant and abandon platforms that we think are without a future. Can we therefore predict that:
- Android's position on the smartphone market will be similar to Windows's position on the PC market
- iOS-s position will be similar to MacOS's and
- Windows Mobile will enjoy the same position on the smartphone market as Linux does on the PC market?

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  1. hmm, tegelt on WP7 väga võimas platvorm ja kindlasti kasvab selle osakaal väga kõvasti.