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Artificial intelligence taking over

In recent years an interesting discussion about artificial intelligences presence in our everyday life has started up. It is somewhat un-noticed that we have come to an era where artificial intelligence is starting to take over work, decisionmaking and even jobs that no-one could ever predicted. Here is an interesting TED talk from Ken Jennings who was the best jeopardy player and then was beaten by a super computer. I think this trend is very important, most probably it is un-avoidable and it is important for humankind to notice that. Let us think of a few examples.

The most scary and almost un-noticed example is that of the high-frequency trading on stock markets. Read here more about it. In essence artificial intelligence owned by investment banks and capital funds are driving now over half of the trades on stock markets. So how did it happen that we now have a casino, where computers are playing with our pension money? It never was a conscious decision, it just happened.

Does anyo…