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The amazing speed of Facebook's development!

In July I wrote a bold prediction that Google+ will soon be more popular than Facebook. I have been following the popularity contest ever since. According to Alexa last week about 3,1% of Internet users visited G+ and 43,4% visited Facebook. The number of G+ visitors has increased since it opened up to the public, but not very fast. The number of Facebook visitors has remained stabile. But what I want to write about is the amazing speed of Facebook's reaction to Google+'s launch and how fast FB has built new functionality ever since! I have been working in different product development organizations and must say, that this speed is truly impressive for an organization with 2000+ employees like FB currently is. Probably most of the startup community don't understand my excitement, but I will illustrate the phenomena with some of the issues a big product development organization has to cope with: Firstly, if you have a democratic organization with specialists who put t