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Last mile delivery revolution in Estonia

The revolutions that change the government tend to be noisy and bloody affairs, but the revolutions in technology and economics happen rather silently. This is because true technical revolutions happen when people start to take a new phenomenon as a normal everyday thing and don't even notice that they changed their behaviour. And one such thing is now happening in Estonia - the radical change in the last mile delivery. As an indicator, here is a list of changes that have happened in the last 5 years: There are now 3 parcel terminal networks operating in Estonia. Omniva, SmartPOST and DPD. Therefore there is competition and prices are driven down. Most E-shops are integrated with some or all of them. There are at least 5 online grocery supermarkets that offer home delivery: Selver, Coop, Fresh and Go, Barbora (the shop previously known as Maxima) and Prisma. One of the latest innovations is done by Coop, who offers grocery lockers that are refrigerated and to where you c