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Average salary and ease of doing business

One of the main parameters of an economy is the average net salary and I have been following that on my blog for some months now. Here is my short post about the last comparison: As I work in a data and IT company Solita and am surrounded by data scientists, engineers and developers, then I cannot only settle with following the stats but want to find the reasons for some economies doing better than the others. As a first step, let's see if the countries Ease of doing business ranking is related to the average net salary or can predict the change of the salary. If there is a correlation then it gives a clear message that working with the things that are measured by the Ease of doing business index makes people richer. No political discussion needed just copy what countries on the top of the list are doing and you get rich. :-)  Underneath you will find the graphs for the EEA/EU countries on that, but I wi