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Call for developers

We in Elion are planning to develop a new SaaS service that will involve functionality like webmail, contacts etc. We are looking for a software developing company that would create the service. If you are interested then please let me know ( ) and I will give you more details. The platform is LAMP. We prefer agile approach of development. The project plan is: - We will send the RFP out in the end of November - Proposals should be ready 14.12 - Selection of the developer by the end of December - Development of the first version January-April 2012. Write me if you are interested !

Nationalism, religion, team spirit, the EU, business mergers

This post was inspired by Henry Kissingers "On China", The European Union and the mergers of teams that I have been involved. All through history armies fighting for a nation, religion, their homeland or their way of life have proved to be many times stronger than the armies of mercenaries. The same is true for team spirit in an organization. (Religious) belief in what we do and having a greater meaning in ones job surely helps to perform better. So creating team spirit, a vision, a mission, symbols, rituals and belief would be the right thing to do. Both for a team, a company, a nation or a state. Or would it? On the other hand one could argue that if people were less religious and less nationalistic there would be less wars. Strangely enough most of the wars are fought over ideology and not over money or natural resources. War is a somewhat extreme example, but more cosmopolitan people and nations do get along better with each other. How this phenomena reflects to busin