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Should you found an IT development center in Tallinn as we in Solita did?

We founded the development center for Solita in Tallinn in autumn 2017. The start has been very interesting, fast and fun and our plan is to grow our team up to 15-20 IT specialists by the end of 2018. One question I get asked frequently is why we chose Tallinn as the location for the development center. Isn't the job market in Tallinn overheated, costs high and good people very difficult to find? After the first half-year, I can say that Tallinn was a very good choice for us. I will try to explain why we chose Tallinn and more generally, what are the things one should consider when choosing a location for an IT development center. The job market loop Firstly - yes, there is a lack of good specialists and salaries in the IT sector are the highest among all sectors in Estonia. However, we should look at this situation in a bigger picture and that is ruled by the following principles: - Good specialists are only in cities where there is demand for their

Euroopa keskmise palga areng 2018 esimeses pooles

Siin on Euroopa riikide keskmised palgad juuni 2018 seisuga Wikipedia andmetel: 2018 aasta alguses oli seis selline: Eesti keskmine netopalk on poole aastaga kasvanud märkimisväärselt ja nagu näha, siis kõigest 30 eurone netopalga tõus võrreldes Sloveeniaga on veel vajalik, et Eestist saaks Ida- ja Kesk-Euroopa kõrgeima keskmise palgaga riik. Ühtlasi on Eesti palk tõusnud kõrgemaks Portugalist ja Maltast.