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How to be successful by using self-generating phenomenons

I have written before about self-generating phenomenons in estonian , but it is an important topic that could be discussed more. Self-generating phenomenons are really important development paths in business, technology, society and environment. Detecting or creating one might easily you a millionare. First, what is a self-generating phenomenon . It is a process, technology or anything such that creates output that increase the process itself and that in turn increases the output. Let's look at some examples to explain:   Training and sports. The more people are into sports, the more sports shops there are in town. The sport shops want to increase their business, so they do advertising and sponsor sports events. The more advertising and events, the more people are into training and sports. The loop goes around until a logical maximum is reached and all the possible people who can be won over to sports are there.   Tourism . Apparently Stockholm is earning the most from tourism

Slim state, IT systems and the Internet

In Estonia the idea of "slim state" has long been a praised one. Relatively low taxes, minimal government and regulations are considered to be ideal. Until now this strategy has worked rather well .... in the sense of economical development. Estonian economy has been developing best among the post-Soviet republics.  I would like to make the point that in the 2012 world a neoliberal governance might not be the most successful one and looking on other models could prove useful. As I am residing in Sweden now I have an opportunity to observe the differences between the relatively neoliberal Estonian and the relatively social-democratic Swedish society. I also suggest that modern IT technology, social networking, datamining, mobility and other technical+sociological developments provide many new opportunities for governing a society better than ever.  Firstly I will define the problem .  If one pursues a slim neoliberal government then the ideal is the absolut minimum of pub