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What they don't teach you on innovation courses

In a few weeks there will be the annual  Innovation Summer Academy hosted by Tallinn Technical University. It will be a great event and if you have a chance then do participate! However, there are things that are almost never taught on such courses. Skills necessary for innovation and product development (especially in big corporations) that are never mentioned in neither innovation management books nor trainings. Hereby I would like to fill in that hole a little bit. Otherwise it so often happens that people come back to work after innovation trainings full of ideas and then just get smashed by the corporate world. So let's begin! Let's say you have an idea of a new product that your employer should launch and you want to make it happen. How should you proceed? Before you do anything take a moment and think it over - are you sure you want to do this? It will be hard, it might take years, it most probably will fail. If you do decide to go forward (and you should - we only