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Magical shopping experience

We live in a time when magic is possible for everybody. Here is one magical thing you should try out.  Go to a supermarket that offers self service buying: like Selveekspress or Coop self-service . Buy the groceries you need and try to do it without talking to anybody. Afterwards reflect what happened.  Here is how I would explain what happened. You walked into a place of abundance, took whatever you wanted and walked home. You only had to beep a "magic card". It was pretty much like living in a garden of Eden....but way better, because in Eden there was only food on offer.  What is even more amazing is that many people, actually most of the people working in offices get power to their "magic cards" by....talking, writing and drawing. Not lifting heavy stones or digging ground, but sending e-mails and doing Powerpoint presentations.  Isn't life great and magical! :-)