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About saving costs

Saving costs is something every organization needs to do now and then. Usually the focus is on training, travelling, personell, office costs and vendors. However, there are a few areas that usually are overlooked when cutting costs. As these are very important and big costs they definitely demand more attention from the managers. First - "Projects that get 90% done.... but are not launched" . A project that is almost launched is like an "almost goal" in football. The effort has been made - work done and money spent - but there is no use of it.  If you look around in your organization I am sure you can find numerous such things. For example: - Strategies that were worked out by a team and left then laying in the shelf - New products that were developed, but never introduced to the market - Process development that was designed, decided on, but not implemented In many cases the reasons for not doing the last bit are subjective. A person leaving or a change of mi