IT education is getting more popular in Estonia

As E24 wrote in their recent article the number of applicants to the IT College rose significantly this year. The average number of candidates applying to one free scholarship was 3,96 last year rose to 5,35 this year even the number of free scholarships was risen by 10 places. The number of applications has risen to 207 from 60 in the year 2007.

According to IT colleges marketing director Sigrid Tammiste the main reason for increasing number of applications is the personal and direct marketing programs that IT college ran this year. The overall practical approach in their programs and the media coverage about the lack of IT specialists have also supported the popularity of IT education in Estonia.

I also did my small part and took part in the campaign of promoting IT education. I talked about the perspective of learning IT to high-school students. As a presenter I must say it was a very interesting and really challenging! The public was quite different from the one you have on seminars and conferences. Imagine the most monotonous and un-excited voice you have ever heard answering you "I will not go to learn IT.... because.... I don't know.... well because..... it is not interesting." after you have given a 15 minute agitation speech. :-) But as the results show, the campaign was useful and I am sure we did help high-school students choose IT. I would do it again next year as I strongly believe that IT and engineering overall is a very useful education.


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