Garage48 series - "just fun" becoming a movement

The Garage48 series of events is a very interesting phenomenon!
The idea of a Garage48 event is to gather different teams in one facility and let them develop an IT or a mobile service in 48 hours. The series originated from Estonia but has gone really global with next events planned in Tartu, Nairobi and Kampala. According to the business newspaper E24 the founders of Garage48 receive constantly invitations from all around the world to organize events in their city.

We in Elion are sponsoring Garage48 and will open our platforms to the events so that the teams can develop new services for example for our digital TV subscribers. We find this is a great way to implement open-innovation and co-operate with people outside the company.

As a great fan of startups and open innovation I can surely recommend Garage48 as a co-operation partner to established IT service providers and telecoms. This is one of the best ways to find ideas for new services and new business. So if you need new young enterpreneurs to help you discover new IT or mobile business then contact the Garage48 organizers!


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