How we will beat the virus

I am not a virologist nor do I have a medical education so the analysis underneath should be taken as an idea or a suggestion. I am a hobby-historian, follow news actively and I can take credit for the fact that I bought face-mask already in January. Then they were freely available, cost 0,1eur a piece and everybody thought that I have a paranoia when I bought them.

So how we will beat the virus. It is actually quite straightforward. States, cities and families have always beat diseases in principally the same way: by raising the level of hygiene. Typhus and cholera was beaten by cleaning the water and building proper sewage systems. Washing hands, washing teeth, wearing underwear, vaccination, following strict rules in food production - all these measures have served us by eliminating the risk of getting one or more diseases. Mind you, some countries have not implemented these measures and thus bare the consequences: cholera in Haiti, hepatitis in India etc.

With Covid-19 the situation is similar like always. It is a new problem and most societies act like always: hoping that it will go away, hoping that someone else will solve it (like they solved Ebola and MERS) or ..... just hoping. Hoping, but not doing enough. We are like the 17th century townfolk hoping to avoid the big investment in separating the drinking water from sewage and wishing that instead of that praying will save us from this terrible stomach disease that killed our neighbour.

Luckily there are a few positive examples. So if we would all in Europe, USA and other countries do the same as they do in Taiwan we could send our children back to school in soon. Produce enough and wear masks, disinfect hands and surfaces, wear gloves in public transport and whenever you touch doorknobs etc, don't meet with other people until the epidemic is over, work hard and invest in finding a medicine and/or a vaccine.

I would predict optimistically that by the end of May or in June it will be clear what are the measures that we should implement in Europe that would allow us to control the epidemic without disturbing the normal life too much. Maybe even open some restaurants, dentist clinics and hopefully open schools in August/September. By the end of May the medical industry and logistics have got over the worst crisis and can deliver masks and other sanitation material to the general public.

Unfortunately, there will be societies that will not be able to implement the necessary levels of hygiene and sanitation. They will unfortunately be under travel-ban until they get it done or the virus will go away everybody is now hoping.


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