Magical communication experiences

Have you noticed there are a lot of weird phenomenons enabled by communication technologies that we accept as normal:

- People walking on the streets and talking to themselves is absolutely OK. We know that they are using their handsfree, but it looks kind of funny, doesn´t it?
- People chatting with customer-service bots....that are essentially robots that learn, is just fine. Sometimes we even don´t know that they are robots. There goes the Turing test.
- Having a videocall with a latvian in Norway while being an estonian in Sweden is just everyday ordinary work. Nothing special in that at all. We actually do expect that to be almost free of charge.
- Sitting on a train no-one reads books anymore, but many are doing work - chatting with colleagues, setting up meetings and writing e-mail.....a bit makes you wonder that why are they travelling to work anyway.

Are people already having video-parties? I mean drinking beer in different cities, towns or well...houses and having a Skype or Hangouts connection open.

This post is inspired by the UC EXPO where most of the best unified communication providers are demonstrating their newest and finest solutions.


  1. To be honest I've done a video party several times with my friends. It's actually amazingly convenient.
    On the way home from work you simply pick a six-pack from the grocery, set up a Skype video-call with friends and you're off to go. Everyone is at their own home by their own computer.
    Since male friends don't tend to touch eachothers during social events anyway there's nothing much to be missed during the setup like this.
    * Everyone has their own toilet to go.
    * No taxy fees "on your way home".
    * No potential fights in case someone gets too drunk.
    * No risks of Police to disperse your party due to the noise
    * Easy to share videos, pictures without bowing towards one screen and smell eatchothers sweat.
    * Bed is right on your side once you get tired.
    Since nowadays broadband quality is pretty good and once all friends are equipped with good audio-video devices, there's not much of cons I can think of!


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