A radical idea about public TV

TV business like all media business is in the middle of a big shift and the players in the market need to adapt.
Public TV (like YLE in Finland, SVT in Sweden or ERR in Estonia) serves a mission in our societies and is key in supporting democracy and culture. To keep up with this and provide un-biased information the public TV programs should have good news, debate programs, documentaries and similar. On the other side thanks to the decline of linear TV it is soon no longer necessary to fill the whole day with a program and it will be enough to just publish news and programs. This means that the public TV-s can skip showing movies, shows, series and entertainment. I would actually say that showing entertainment on public TV serves no purpose on supporting democracy and therefore can be considered as unfair competition to the private TV channels. Is should be stopped. We should stop spending taxpayers money on entertainment on public TV and stop competing with the private channels with, in essence, governmental dumping.


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