Helping organizations perform

During my career I have helped many organizations to improve their performance. Mostly in product development, but also in service provision and occasionally also in sales. I have worked with big companies like MicroLink, Elion, TeliaSonera, Eesti Telekom and others, but also with small startups. Currently I am implementing Lean Startup methodology and thinking in Sonera in Finland.

Now if there is one thing I would like to point out in improving performance it is that there is no one thing that makes it happen. There is no ONE tool, method or process to boost organization's performance. No one silverbullet. Naturally there are good methods and tools like:
- Getting customer insight with
- Lean Startup for product development

- Coaching, Time management training
- Process management, etc.
But each one of them itself does not make it. You also need to work with people getting along, economical constraints, mindsets and traditions that have produced un-effective processes, legacy systems, bad overview of data, etc., etc. Sometimes the office setup creates problems or there is a core IT system that makes everyone hate their job.

So improving the performance of organizations means usually implementing a lot of different things, building different relations in the organization, getting the right decisions and methods in place. Usually the task of finding the performance bottlenecks itself is a detective endeavour that takes many (face-to-face) meetings, trying out things and finding the walls by hitting your head against them.

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