Places to find ICT specialists and to find work for ICT specialists

A few months ago a Swedish ICT consultancy marketplace opened its new service at Mainly it has jobs for consultants living or at least speaking swedish (or danish or finnish), but you can probably find also work if you are fluent in english there.

For the Estonian market I started a LinkedIN group here. So if you are an ICT specialist or need one then you are most welcome to check it out. Here is also a link to Work in Estonia IT jobs page.

Please write in comments if you know other websites or places for the Nordic and Baltic ICT consultancy market!


  1. Glad to see that Resrc is getting attention in Estonia too! I just want to add a few key points about Resrc.

    Resrc, a Swedish startup, is an open marketplace:
    - Buyers and brokers/agencies of consulting services can post contract opportunities and build their partner networks free of charge.
    - Vendors (consulting services) can browse the market's open contract opportunities (between 10 and 20%) and send offers/quotes free of charge.
    - Resrc never takes part of the deals made in Resrc. The contact between buyer and vendor is direct.
    - Resrc also monitors the Nordic market as a Premium service. This adds a lot more contract opportunities to the marketplace.

    At the moment almost 9.000 Nordic companies use Resrc and actually a few from Estonia too.

    If this sounds interesting, please visit and register your company or contact us at

    A warm welcome to Resrc all Estonian vendors, buyers and brokers/agencies!

    Manuel de Verdier
    CEO Resrc


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