My Services

Connecting business and technology to develop and grow new services.

Success in the ICT business happens when good business ideas are realized with good technology and people are led to make it happen. This is where I have a lot of experience and I offer my knowledge as a service.

I am based in Tallinn, Estonia, but I work regionally with projects in the Baltic and Nordic region.

My experience in Business:

  • I am a co-founder in and know how tough business and sales actually is. I definitely know a lot of things that do not work.
  • I have analyzed numerous business cases in TeliaSonera, Elion, MicroLink and Estonian Telekom.
  • I have developed and sold ICT services to big corporate customers and to TeliaSonera daughter companies from Denmark, Sweden and Finland to Nepal.
  • I have turned bankrupt or non-growing activities into success
  • I have a cum laude MBA degree
  • I am a member in the Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN)
My experience in Leadership and People:
  • I have worked as a manager for more than 14 years. I have managed teams from 1 specialist to 50 specialists and worked also as a manager of manager. I think managing people is quite interesting and doing it right is the biggest source of success for your business.  
  • I have worked as a project or virtual team leader for different business areas.
  • My experiences also include working with subcontractors, partners and co-ordinating IT workshops for European Innovation Agencie's
My experience from Technology:
  • All the projects I have worked with have had an IT or telco component.
  • I have worked as a software developer and database modeller so I have a foundation of knowledge on how IT systems work
  • I have worked as a IT infrastructure architect and designed numerous server-storage-network architectures for big IT systems
  • I have a bacalaureate degree in Computer Sciences
My personal skills:
  • I am a very international person and I see that working with people from different nationalities and cultures is a value in itself.
  • Besides Estonia I have also lived in Finland and Sweden so I know how things work in the Nordics.
  • I speak 5 languages: english, estonian, finnish, swedish and russian. There are workdays when I actually need to use all of them. :-)
  • I like presenting and regularly hold presentations on seminars.
  • I have 3 children and would say that leading a team is peanuts compared to getting the children to clean their room.
If you see that you have a business or project where I can help then please contact me at or +3725134833


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