Should you invest in Facebook or Google

When Facebook was down today some addicts might have felt frustrated, but in fact they saved time for other things to do. No work stopped. Actually we might have even experienced a sudden surge in office work activity.

If Google's services like Gmail, Maps, Docs, Translate, Books, Youtube or mind you - The Google Search - would go down then working or running errands would be seriously affected for many, many people. Probably for almost all of the 2,26B Internet users.

What does this say about the possibility to charge their customers by Facebook or Google? Would you rather pay for a "time-sink" or a service saving you time and helping you? Or is it more probable to stop using a service that is just fashionable waste of time or a service that helps you navigate to the place you need to go?

...but on the other hand
Drinking is also bad, but you will be able to sell beer until the end of mankind and....
...wasting your time on Facebook and computer-gaming is environmentaly much friendlier than working effectively, running errands or navigating somewhere.

So thank you in advance for pressing "Like".


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